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'Record-Setting Gas Prices Pushing More Drivers to Electric Bike and Scooter Alternatives' - MAR 2022 'While electric bikes are usually very expensive, FLX Bike's mission is to put out an affordable, reliable, and American-made option on the market.' - MAR 2022 'Newest model is rocking a 36-V/10-Ah Li-ion battery which is representing a 40% capacity increase from the original' - FEB 2022

'FLX caught lightning in a bottle two years ago when they launched the original Babymaker. Now the company i

Refer A Friend

To be eligible for the ‘Refer A Friend' program you must meet the requirements detailed in the ‘Referrer Qualification’ as listed below.

A referrer is the awesome person who is referring their friend to FLX. The referred friend is the lucky individual who is given the one-time promotional code for use toward $50 Off a qualified eBike purchase.

$50 rewards can only be applied toward the purchase of electric bikes - not parts or accessories individually. Referral discounts can not be redee

What is the right eBike size for me?

Having the knowledge of the correct electric bike size for your height/size is a very crucial aspect that goes into your purchase. Choosing the right size will give you the best possible ride and will help avoid potential injuries.

Choosing an incorrect size can lead to an uncomfortable experience for the rider. In order to determine the correct frame size and saddle height for yourself, take into account the dimensions of the bike and dimensions of your body such as:

Keep in mind the reason t

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself My Name Is: Step Through 2.0, an Ergonomic E-Bike

Ever wonder what E-Bike you would benefit the most from on your daily commute but, due to the influx of Electric bikes on the market it feels a bit overwhelming? From Aventon to Van Moof to FLX, how do you know what’s best for you on your daily commute?

No worries we're here to help!

Our ergonomic daily commuter, the Step Through 2.0 Electric Bike is packed with carefully curated features that not only maintain a premier level of comfort and performance but are also prepared for any adventure.

F5 Trail: Electric Mountain Biking At It's Finest

What is an Electric Mountain Bike?

Also known as eMTB, the Electric Mountain Bike is a terrific means for covering distance on any terrain for any kind of adventure. What makes it different from a typical Mountain Bike? Well, that's simple, here at FLX we kept all the same features a traditional Mountain Bike would boast but, added some incredible features that make it extraordinary and emission friendly!

The proof of how miraculous this bike is, is in the details...seriously if you keep readi